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My mother has immersed herself in the art of bag making.  She has knit 2 bags so far.  Since she’s the one who created the patterns, I told her she should sell them!  The materials cost roughly $25 a bag and would, of course, vary depending on which yarn and materials are used.

How much would you pay for a bag my mother knit?  I know it’s really difficult to put a price on someone’s labor, but I’m asking because it has to be realistic.  In the ‘market’ it seems the general consensus is to sell a hand-crafted item for three times the cost of the materials.  No one in their right mind would pay $75 for a hand-knit bag unless it had some famous designer name tagged inside.

I’ve been asked by people to knit them various things if they bought the materials and paid for my labor.  The difficult part is that knitting, to me, is a labor of love.  A lot of it has to do with the fact that I’ve already gotten to experience working with the yarn and see the yarn go from string to a finished item.  Due to this, the end product is something I’m usually happy to gift to friends/family for birthdays and special occasions and holidays and generally whenever I’m in the mood.  So, taking all this into consideration, it is extremely difficult for me to assign a specific cost for my labor; I have yet to knit something for profit.

Anyone want to share their 2¢ ?

Note: These bags are not for sale; they are for only for show.