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The Korean Sweet Potato [goguma]

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You know the saying, “You are what you eat.”?  If this were true, my mother would turn into a sweet potato right before my eyes.  When I think of food and my mother in the same thought specific foods immediately come to mind: crabs, Korean grapes, eggs – esp. hard boiled, and the Korean sweet potato.

The other day, my mom came home with her favorite root vegetable.  The pastor at her church gifted her a box.  Apparently he knows someone who bought 40 boxes from a farm in Fresno.  If you haven’t had one before, the Korean sweet potato is smaller, with a yellowish inside and tastes sort of like chestnuts.

Typically we microwave them.  My mother’s formula is 2 minutes on one side, flip and one more minute on the other side.  The larger ones are two 2 minutes on each side.  She also makes goguma tang – candied sweet potatoes.  I personally like it when the sugar coating on the outside cools down and becomes hard and crispy.  My mother likes it more gooey.

Here are a few blogs I found that has the recipe: