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Welcome to my new blog!  On the outside it doesn’t look any different but behind the scenes it’s hosted on a new server.  I’m sure some of you have noticed the index page that’s been up.  I didn’t know how to put up an under construction sign.

This past month has been all about my heart.  At the end of March I went in for a routine echo cardiogram and discovered that my heart was showing signs of weakness.  The blood was pumping out of the heart slower than it was supposed to, so a biopsy and heart catheterization was scheduled.

During the cath they discovered that the three major arteries were blocked.  The major concern was that it happened so fast.  Last year when I had my cath there wasn’t any blockage. I was diagnosed with Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy. My heart got inflamed, what with it not being mine, and the arteries developed blockage.  The doctor told me that it’s not uncommon in transplanted hearts, but wouldn’t you know, there is no definitive answer as to why it happens. Hmm… where have I heard that before?

They couldn’t put stents in during that first cath because it would require them to give me blood thinners – which is a big no no after having four pieces of my heart cut out.  So, as with most of my out patient procedures, I was admitted to the hospital.

After spending the night on the 10th floor, I was taken in for the angioplasty the next day.  They focused on the worst artery and placed 3 stents in it.  They were debating whether or not to put in a 4th one, but the doctor said let’s wait and see.  If it’s necessary they’ll do it on my next visit.

Another angioplasty was scheduled for two weeks later.  They wanted to make sure my poor drugged up kidneys could handle the contrast.  It turns out that the artery they worked on looked good, and they were glad they didn’t put in the 4th stent.  The good news is that they were able to put stents into the other 2 arteries on that same visit, so I won’t have to go back for another 6 months.

For now, the arteries are unblocked and blood is flowing once again.  Unfortunately, the stents aren’t a permanent solution since my body knows my heart doesn’t really belong to me.  In addition to the stents, I am taking three new drugs to help slow the process.  Wouldn’t you know that a side effect of one of the drugs is increased cholesterol. Ha! I had my cholesterol tested to establish a baseline.  Thankfully the results were normal.

To put a positive spin on all things heart related, it was able to beat the odds and function without any problems for four years.  Not too shabby!