The top middle picture is of Eva Markvoort.  A couple years ago I wrote a blog about her.  She had a double lung transplant due to Cystic Fibrosis in 2007 and died in 2009.

This awesome photo is from BC Transplant‘s “Live Life. Pass it On.” campaign.

Here’s an excerpt from their website that explains the project:

The Art Project

How it came about

Transplant gave Eva hope and it was this hope that kept her going until her call for transplant came in 2007. She was able to live a spirited and rich life for two years after her transplant, before succumbing to organ rejection. During those two healthy years, Eva embarked on an ‘awareness art project’ with friend, Cyrus McEachern. Cyrus’s photography talents combined with Eva’s artistic flare resulted in a stunning series of photographs highlighting local transplant recipients.

Sadly, as this amazing project was getting off the ground and Eva was realizing the power of the movement she had started, she passed away while waiting for a second double lung transplant last March.

The ‘Models’

BC Transplant helped to identify willing ‘real life models’ for the project. The goal: to increase awareness for organ donation through an artistic medium. Special thanks to the local transplant recipients who agreed to model and share their transplant stories: Amanda, Darvy, Bryn, Savilla, and Maxine.