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Fidel has been a vegetarian for over sixteen yearsSusan stopped eating shellfish in middle school. Recently, Fidel has been talking about eating meat again.  At yesterday’s family get-together, people were encouraging him to try the kalbi (marinated Korean short-ribs).

Susan’s Living Room

FIDEL:    I’ll eat some kalbi if you eat a shrimp.
SUSAN:    No way!
………….. Really?
CAROL:   (hearing the exchange, spins around) Wait, WHAT?!
SUSAN:   I’ll eat the shrimp if you have more than just a nibble of the kalbi.
FIDEL:    Alright, let’s do it.

(Both respectively eat their designated piece of meat as the crowd cheers them on.)

FIDEL: It’s good, but more chewy than I remember.
SUSAN: The shrimp still tastes gross.

Fidel will continue his rediscovery of meat.  Susan won’t be eating shellfish anytime soon.