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Today was stupendously taxing.  It started off-kilter because we were running a tad late, and it went downhill from there.  First up was the ct scan which went well enough, but clinic was another matter.  We were there for three and a half hours!  I don’t know why I always think it’ll go faster than that.  I brought my knitting with me, so I was kept occupied for the most part.

At clinic my doctor told me that my ct came out with a very small  smidgen of something on my good lung, but she didn’t think it was anything serious.  She took a swab from my nose, and I’m to give them a sputum sample.  If the PFT results are stable, and the swab and sample turn up without any viruses I won’t have to do a bronch.  I can’t emphasize enough how much I don’t want to have a bronch.  Keep your fingers crossed people.

I took my morning meds with a bit of muffin while waiting to be seen, but I was feeling nauseated so I didn’t eat enough.  Nausea + empty stomach + a bunch of meds = bad news bears.  My stomach started cramping and I felt awful.

The PFT was moved to two and a half hours later than originally scheduled so we thought we’d get done with clinic and have plenty of time to get some lunch before going up. Not so. Buy the time we finished, we had 15 minutes so I had a couple of bites of a Cliff Bar on the way in order to try settling my stomach.

When I was about to start the PFTs I couldn’t bear the cramping and headache anymore, so I sent my mother down to the gift shop to buy me some Tylenol. THREE dollars for a to-go packet of 2!  Desperate times, I tell you.  Thankfully the tech didn’t make me do all the tests – just the ones that the pulmonologists track and deemed most important.  Of course the Tylenol didn’t kick in until way after the tests.

Afterwards we were going to eat at the cafeteria before coming home, but one stroll around the eatery made my nausea worse so we bought a banana to take with us in the car.  The banana was just as expensive as the Tylenol.  A dollar for a piece of fruit.  What’s up with that?  It’s maddening.  Especially since bananas are readily available to me year round for just 19 cents each at Trader Joes.  But, convenience doesn’t come cheap.

When we got home, I was feeling so awful I couldn’t attempt the stairs.  I actually sat in the car, in the garage, and slept for nearly half an hour before I woke up feeling a bit better.   To add insult to injury, I promptly threw up the banana and cliff bar once I was in my apartment.

On a more positive note, I am currently making finger puppets.  Here are 2 that I’ve done so far.  They’re from a pattern called My Monsters from The Moon by Loly Fuertes.  They are oddly adorable.