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Yesterday Elizabeth and I had planned on heading into Marin for our monthly outing, but with the great weather the GG Bridge traffic was horrible.  So instead, we stayed in the city and drove around town absorbing vitamin D.

It was the perfect 70 degrees with light winds; I’ll qualify that to the neighborhoods east of GG Park. My neighborhood was shrouded in my beloved fog. Here’s a picture I took in the marina district. I was trying to capture the big ass hill, but my cellphone’s camera doesn’t do it justice.

We saw the sailboats out on the bay and people out and about enjoying the weather.  Hopefully there was a good amount of tourists thrown in there to boost the city’s coffers. To do our part to help California’s fiscally pathetic state, we did some shopping of our own.

Before going home we stopped into a beauty/skin care store called Skin Food. We were passing by when the lady at the door gave us a free sample.  We had never heard of it so we went in.  It turns out that it’s a popular Korean company.  They even had k-pop playing.

I was reading about them online, and someone on Yelp was complaining that some of the products are much smaller and that they’re 150% more expensive than if you were to purchase it in Korea. Well, duh! On the flip side, when my aunts come to the states, they stock up on high end makeup like Estèe Lauder because it’s double the price in Korea.   I suppose if you think about it like plunking down the extra cash so you don’t have to fly to another country to get it, it seems more reasonable.

While I was out, I saw all kinds of displays and ads for 4th of July sales.  I bought this really blue nail polish and had a ridiculous, but fun, idea.  I’m going to paint my nails in patriotic red, white and blue with decorative stars! I want to paint at least 1 nail to resemble our flag, but that may be pushing it with my shaky hands.

Thinking of the beautiful day in the neighborhood reminded me of Mister Rogers.  You can go to the pbs kids’ website and watch full episodes online. The one I remember the most is when he visits a crayon factory.

Here’s a video clip of the opening scene where he sings “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

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