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Yesterday I started my inhaled lung treatment of Hypertonic Saline Solution 7%, so we brought out my old friend, the nebulizer. Starting the saline rinse made me think of all the times I had to inhale yucky tasting antibiotics and bronchodilators and the dreaded breathing treatments at UC when I was on the 10th floor.  Ugh, I’ll never forget Amphotericin and hope I won’t have to use it anytime soon.

All of this lead my mind to think of the term ‘back in the saddle’. That lead my brain to remember the song “Back in the Saddle Again” by Gene Autry, which then swirled around in my head all day. Then to push the absurdity further along, the song made me think of “Sleepless in  Seattle,” which then lead me to think about Nora Ephron because she just passed away.  Tomorrow, I shall watch “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Back to the matter at hand.  I’m to inhale 4mL of it once a day and then up it to twice daily.  It’s just a saline solution that has a concentration of 7% salt. The saltiness is twice that of seawater.  I breath it in to help clean out my lungs.  It’s supposed to loosen all the junk and help me have easier, productive coughs.  It seems to be like a neti pot but for the lungs.

On a completely unrelated note, I signed up for Netflix. Again.  This time around I’m determined to use it more often.  I’m still a bit miffed about the changes Netflix made, but the Amazon prime instant movie thing has a terrible selection.  Hopefully this will give us more entertainment choices.

I will leave you with a snippet of Gene Autry singing.

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