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Yesterday Carol, my friend from high school who’s up here visiting, her mom, my mom, my 2 aunts and I went to Fort Mason for the 5th Annual Renegade Craft Fair.  Nearby, the Sunday Fort Mason farmer’s market was in full swing, and lots of people were out and about enjoying the weather.

Carol and I went to this fair in 2008, which was the first time it was in San Francisco.  It also goes to Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, and London (UK).  Back then it took place in Golden Gate Park at the county fair building at the botanical garden.  What a big difference.  Since then the craft fair has really developed into a big event.  The venue is a lot bigger and of course, there were many more vendors.

People are so creative!  One of the cutest things we saw was felted toys called Wool Buddies. Along with the pre-made ones, they sold kits with the needle, the wool roving and directions so you can make your own.  How could I not get one?  I bought the kit to make a dragon.  I can’t wait! I hear needle felting is pretty addictive, not that I need another hobby or anything.

I bought yarn from Sincere Sheep, a local dyer (of course) and Carol bought a silver charm necklace from Charmed by Heidi for me and one for herself.  The charms are very small, and she oil paints them on canvas with a teeny tiny brush!  There were a lot of vendors selling printed shirts, but Amos Goldbaum‘s hand silk screened shirts from his pen drawings were one of the more interesting ones.  Carol bought one for an upcoming birthday present.

There was this guy who turns old books into blank journals.  His company is called Ex Libris Anonymous: Handmade Journals from Vintage Books.  He not only uses the orignal book covers, but he inserts pages from the book into different sections of the journal.  We found one made from the book The Lung: Clinical Physiology and Pulmonary Function Tests.  It looks like one of those old reference books you see gathering dust in the library stacks.  Is that not appropriate or what? I also got the Hidden Staircase, a Nancy Drew mystery that I remember reading as a kid.