This past Sunday was the four year anniversary of my original heart and double lung transplant.

I LOVE the card Janet gave me.  I had to share it… plus, it was a great excuse to use the scanner function on my printer for the first time.

Great things that have occurred since/because of/relating to transplant:

1. Carol learned how to knit

2. Mother is hooked on reality tv shows.  [More details to follow in a future post.]

3. I am hooked on audiobooks. Audible, it’s all about Audible.

4. I got to see all my cousins gathered together … albeit for a not-so-great reason, but nonetheless.

5. I started this blog!

6. I organized all the yarn that was lying around the house in random areas into a yarn storage cube thingamajig.

7. Started knitting group.

8. Met Chiyo, my bronchoscopy nurse at UC, who has become a knitting group member.

9. I get to see Carol [and Fidel] at least once a month and at most holidays.

10. My landlord handed my apartment to me on a platter.