Since my mother has moved in, she has had a lot of idle time between caring for me and taking me to my doctor’s appointments. Watching television is one way she passes time.  

What is your favorite kind of television show?

Reality shows.  Watching people trying hard and doing their best is engaging.  I like getting to know the people who are competing.

Which ones do you watch?

Amazing Race, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, Design Star, Duet, Fashion Star, Project Accessory, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, What Not to Wear.

Which one is your favorite?

Project Runway and shows related to fashion and clothing. I love fashion, sewing, design and making clothes so it’s interesting to me.  I can see new fashion trends and see the people’s characters and personalities as they work.

I also like to watch the dancing competitions because a person’s body is an expression of who they are.  A dance shows feelings and you get impressions of their emotions. It’s a form of art.

Which shows do you dislike?

The Bachelor franchise because I feel like the people are only there to be famous and get on television. It doesn’t seem like the people are genuinely there to find someone.

 Which type of reality shows do you like the most?

The ones that show the back story of the people, how and why they’re there.  I enjoy competitions where people are eliminated one by one until there is one winner.

 If you could be a judge on any of the shows, which would it be?

I don’t think I could judge any of the shows.  It’s hard to see the people leave, especially towards the end when it’s down to just a few.  Rather than being a judge, I’d like to be a host.

I would host Fashion Star. This show in particular because it features commercial clothing that anyone can buy in the stores – not runway high fashion.  It’s fun to see which items of clothing are bought by the different retail stores.  [Macy’s, H&M, Saks 5th]

 On the shows where the home audience chooses or has input on the winner, do you vote?

No, because it’s too hard to choose just one after following the progress of all the competitors.

 If you could be a contestant on one of the shows, which would it be?

Project runway so I can make clothes.  I’d also love shopping at Mood and choosing from their large selection of buttons and fabric.