Yesterday I had my left heart cath.  The cath went well, and I am home; I really, really, really did not want to be admitted.

These are the things that I learned yesterday:

1. The echocardiogram that I had earlier this month didn’t change too much from the previous one.

2. About 30% of the middle stent that was placed in my LAD had tissue growth, (I had three placed in that one.) but the blood is flowing through it okay.  The doctor said we’ll keep an eye on it.

3. All the other stents were clear.

4. The best news is that the 2 areas that did not have to have stents put in the last time are still looking good.

5.  I will have another cath in 6 months.

After the cath I had to lay flat for 5 hours to make sure my major artery clotted.  The first three hours were fine, but once I was getting towards the end, my body was not a happy camper.  I always forget how uncomfortable it is to lay there for so long.

I’m becoming a regular at the cath lab.   I don’t think that’s a good thing, but it is great that I now know all the nurses.  The surgeon told me that they loved seeing me whenever I came in even though they don’t want me coming in. I bet they say that to all their patients.

I have to say that out of all the care I’ve received since becoming ill, the cath lab is probably the most caring and cohesive group.  Not only are they kind, but they all work together so well.  If I’m going to be stuck there for so long, it’s wonderful to be in a place where the staff is happy and efficient. Hearing them laugh and joke around with each other has a lot more impact on the patient than one would think.

Oh, and GO GIANTS!