1. Isn’t this the cutest little to-go pack of ketchup that you’ve ever seen?


2. Best combination in the world. All that’s missing is a loaf of Wonder bread.  (Also great on saltines.)  Pb&j is always my go-to food for non-appitete days and default food request at the hospital when I can’t stomach the dinner that’s on the menu.


3. Quite possibly the best candy in the whole wide world. Tina gave me a fun sized pack of them for Halloween when she came over to knit. This prompted a proper sized purchase of them.  Currently on sale at Walgreens, 2 for $6.


4.  Who can pass up a baggie of produce for a dollar?  My mom bought it for the green onions, but in the process we discovered a new vegetable.  I had absolutely no clue what the three little round root veggies were. Courtesy of friends on FB, I learned that they are called kohlrabi, a German turnip.  I’m told to peel the skin and eat it raw. I shall give it a go.  I found this article from the NY Times Well Blog.