On Thursday I had my bi-annual left heart cath. All in all my heart is doing pretty well.  One of the stents has a tiny gap in it as if it has a paper-cut.  We’re going to leave it alone and keep an eye on it. Because of this the risk of a blood clot is higher so it’s critical that I stay on Plavix and aspirin. If another doctor tells me to stop taking them for any reason, I’m to have them call my surgeon. All the arteries have narrowed a tiny bit, but the good news is that the blood flow is great and the spot we were going to keep an eye on 6 months ago hasn’t changed.

I have done a few knitting projects since the giraffe.  And, as usual, I’m currently juggling a few different projects – a birthday gift, and a couple of thank you gifts.

I made fingerless gloves for the receptionist where I have my breathing treatments since she’s always cold when I’m there. Sadly I was lazy and didn’t get a photo of it.

Gloves for Ebony
Pattern: Dashing by Cheryl Niamath.
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Thistle.
Needle US 7

I also crocheted a little snail for one of the nurses at the cath lab.  The last time I was there we had a discussion all about snails.  She named it and attached it to her name tag.  It was cute, but unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it.

Stanley the Snail
Pattern: The Worm & Apple Home -Snail by Ana Paula Rimoli
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Golden Yellow and Lime Green.
Hook 3.25mm (D)

Birthday Present for Carol

levenwick closed














Pattern: Levenwick by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Ember
Needle: 4.5mm US7

Baby Shower Gift for Noel


Pattern: Paddington Bear by Loly Fuertes
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK in Persimmon Heather, Twilight, and Serrano
Needle: 4.5mm US7

Birthday Present for Janet


Pattern: Lismore Cable Socks by Stephanie Varju
Yarn: Stricken Smitten Sinful Socks by Scheherazade’s Sky
Needle: 2.5mm US1.5


I also started experimenting with sewing.  At first I got into it because I wanted a knitting needle case but didn’t want to pay $50 for one.  I figured I could probably try to make one myself. I drew out a (sort of) pattern with measurements and armed with needles, scissors, a ruler and a mini iron, I made a small needle case for dpns and fixed circs.  Then, bolstered by a modicum of success, I made a larger one and gifted the first one to Elizabeth.


The last time Carol was up here I ended up buying a bunch of different fabric to line projects and make little doodads.  One fabric we bought has this really cute cartoon pattern with a superhero flying over a little city.  My next sewing project is to make a credit/business card sized case for myself and a larger pencil case sized one for Carol.

I leave you with a photo of a super cute cell phone cover my aunt in Korea bought for me.