My father loves playing games. It is well known in my family that he is competitive and often scores high.  If it’s really heated, he likes to rag on his opponents and often talks smack. My mother, unfortunately, doesn’t really like to play games and loses patience more easily resulting in lower scores.

Despite all of this, my mother agreed to play a round of dominoes.  Neither of my parents had played before so we went over the rules and got started.  If you’re familiar with the game, you know that there are several different ways to play. I taught them a variation of muggins, which is how I was taught to play. Winner choose what we’ll have for dinner, loser pays.

Along the same line as ‘video killed the radio star’, I recorded a tiny bit to show my sister.  Then, I decided to post it here for others to enjoy.  I think various aunts and relatives will get a kick out of watching it. I’ll write a brief translation so the non-Koreans get the gist of what’s going on.

Video starts out with dad deciding where to make his move.  He makes a play claiming 5 points.  Mom calls him out and tells him he made 6 points, not 5 because he didn’t count one.  He tries to take his move back, but mom tells him that since he already made his move, he can’t take it back.

Mom starts out saying we’re going to eat Chinese food from Beijing while dad is asking what and where we were going to eat. Dad wants to know how much difference there was between the scores.  Mom tells him he scored 115, I scored 120 and she scored 140. Mom tells him he lost by 5 points at the same time that he’s stating he lost to me by 5 points.  Mom tells him it’s too bad he lost by so little.  I then prompt my mom to cry ‘yay’ again; When she first realized she won, she exuberantly yelled ‘Yay!’ (hand gesture and all) a couple of times before I could get it recorded.

On the menu: Sesame Beef, Ma Po Tofu and steamed rice from Little Beijing on Noriega and 21st Ave.