I don’t complain or whine excessively.  Then again, who really thinks of themselves as a complainer?  It’s often those who are oblivious that we all snark about behind their backs.  ANYWAY – I feel like complaining.  Feel free to skip the post if you don’t want to partake.

Speaking of anyway, don’t you hate it when people add an s to anyway?  I don’t know what idiot started that, but it’s a terrible habit.  It’s up there with whatevers, supposably, and purty.  If you use any of these words, please, I beg of you to stop!


Everyone knows how much I hate the misuse of the word literally.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve discovered something just as atrocious.  Have you noticed the incorrect use of adverbs lately? I began to realize just how wide spread the problem was when I caught myself yelling at the tv to ‘add the ly!’  Because it was happening so often I looked it up to see if it was some sort of cultural change in rules that I missed. That’s when I learned all about flat adverbs.  However, generally speaking, it is NOT acceptable to incorrectly use adverbs! You can read all about it on Grammar Girl.

Let’s move onto my biggest nemesis.  As most of you know, I have a strong dislike of birds.  I think this stems back to seeing a pigeon squashed as roadkill, frozen on the side of the curb, in dirty ice/snow.  I can’t remember how old I was, but it definitely made an impression.  I would guess 1st or 2nd grade because I saw it walking back from the school bus stop.  For some reason, not counting the ostrich & emu, larger birds aren’t as bad.

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been subjected to hearing this bird.  It cries all morning, and it’s driving us nuts!  My mother took a picture to show me the culprit. She said it moves its neck back and forth when it’s whooting.  Lovely.


Sandi tells me that she thinks it’s a dove.  It’s supposedly going to lay 2 eggs and go away in a couple of weeks.  The problem is that I don’t think it’s found its mate.  I comfort myself by saying that if I had a sling shot i’d take it down… even though I probably wouldn’t have the heart to actually do it.

I also want to complain about Essie nail polish bottles, though I suspect this is the case for most other brands.  It annoys me to no end that it’s so difficult to get any polish on the brush when it’s running low.  The gap between the brush and bottom doesn’t look like much, but oh it is. Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a trick to this?

Let’s talk about Etsy.  I ♡ Etsy.  I love that there is a platform for individuals to sell their craft.  I love how you can appreciate and enjoy handmade items.  I love that you are helping to support small businesses.  What I don’t appreciate is when a seller doesn’t respond to a message.  Sadly this has not been a one time occurrence.

Don’t you think that’s an incredibly stupid business practice?  Even if their answer is no, or not possible, they should respond saying so.  Just because this particular item doesn’t end up working for me, it doesn’t mean I won’t buy anything else listed.  When the seller doesn’t respond, the chances of a purchase from that shop drops significantly.

I get that these are mostly individuals responding to all the messages and dealing with all the administrative part of their business themselves. I get that sometimes people go on vacation or take a temporary leave.  (If this is the case, they should say so!) I’m not expecting an answer that day, or even within a couple of days.  Not responding after a reasonable amount of time is just rude. Rude, I tell you!

I can already hear pot calling the kettle black! For those who may not know,  I am not one to readily reply to emails or texts if there wasn’t a question, when I feel a confirmation isn’t necessary, or if it becomes moot after speaking about it in person before reading the email.  I just have one thing to say to this.  I am not a business.   As a friend, if it drives you nuts that I don’t send an affirmation, tell me!

Hmm.. I think that’s all I have to complain about.  Anyone want to share their complaints?

I feel I should write something positive before ending this post. Here’s something great – I’m having In-n-Out for lunch today! With a strawberry milkshake! Yay!