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A freelance writer contacted me asking if I would post an article about knitting & weddings.  The objective: To inspire women who knit or are getting married soon. I figured it couldn’t hurt to promote something knitting related.

Here Comes the (Crafty) Bride

A Guest Post by Laura Chapman

Knitting can be like a compulsion or a tic. As soon as something new or important comes up – a birthday, a friend’s pregnancy, the first cool day of fall – the question inevitably arises: can I knit something for that? And if so, then what?

Fellow knitters understand, but sometimes less-crafty friends and family end up a bit confused when all the tell-tale signs of a project in progress appear. That’s one of the reasons it’s so exciting when knitwear becomes fashionable; suddenly you’re on the cutting edge, or at least in the vicinity of the cutting board. With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that a lot of eager knitters are pricking up their ears at the news that using knitwear in weddings is now a full-blown trend. It started with the Duchess of Cambridge – in her 2011 royal wedding, Kate Middleton wore a white angora bolero over her Alexander McQueen wedding dress – and the trend has only picked up steam since then. So if you or a friend have a wedding to plan, it’s worth taking advantage of knitwear’s moment in the nuptial spotlight.

Bridal & Bridesmaid Couture

Every bride wants to look special, but not at the expense of beauty or taste. That’s one of the things that’s so nice about knitwear; because it carries the weight of tradition, it’s hard to make it look gaudy or overly trendy. Following the Duchess’s example, one of the easiest (and loveliest) ways to add knitting into a bridal look is through a cover-up. Shawls, scarves, and boleros all do double duty in an outfit, adding beauty and glamour while also making sure the blushing bride doesn’t catch cold in her sleeveless dress. Pair the pattern with the wedding’s style – cable knit might work great for a cozy, rustic wedding during the colder months, while lacier patterns are beautiful on romantic or bohemian brides. Depending on time constraints, it’s always a good idea to wait until you’ve chosen a wedding dress before deciding on the pattern.

Bridesmaid outfits also look great when accented with knitted items. Knitting cover-ups for all of them would drive most brides-to-be to abandon the project, but smaller touches work just as well. Fingerless gloves in a delicate lace knit are a way to add a tiny burst of color to their look, while knitted hair accessories manage to be both trendy and classic.

Accessories & Finishing Touches

This is the chance for crafty brides to really go while. Because these finishing touches are unlikely to take too much time, let alone make or break a wedding, they’re not a cause for stress like a half-finished shawl might be. They’re also a way to work knitting into the occasion even if you’re not all that confident about your skills. (Or if you have some very close knitting friends, consider asking them if they’d be willing to make something as their wedding present to you. Of course, this only works if you’re inviting them!)

Ring pillows are both traditional and deeply personal. The assembled guests will see it, but it will have the most meaning for the bride and groom themselves. Knitting one can be a true labour of love, whether it’s a simple pattern or embellished with a meaningful word. The same goes for knitting a bouquet holder, with the added benefit that it makes a sweet souvenir for whoever catches the tossed bouquet! Those with more time might want to tackle his-and-hers dolls or wedding toppers; since they’re personalized, they can make a great family heirloom that might last until there’s grandkids.

Gifts & Treasures

Speaking of heirlooms, many of them start out as lovingly made wedding presents. “Wedding ring” patternafghans are a classic choice, since they fulfill the three cardinal rules of wedding presents: meaningful, useful, and unique. (Afghans and other throws can be major undertakings, so time-strapped knitters might decide on a set of pillows in a similar design.) If you know that the happy couple can be choosy about their decor, there are plenty of other potential knitted gifts: a wine cozy with a bottle of the good stuff, kitchen towels and dish cloths, and towels for the washroom all make thoughtful presents. The goal is to think ofwhat the newlyweds might want or need, then find a way to make it beautiful and functional.