A few weeks ago I was looking through YouTube, (for something completely unrelated) and stumbled upon a video on how to make a journal for beginners. After being inspired, I watched a bunch more on book binding. The rest is history.

My first attempt was a little test booklet following the basic principles using material I had on hand.  Once I figured out which end was up, I got more appropriate supplies.

I was thinking about why I have been so enamored by it.  There is an instant gratification to making books that you don’t get in knitting, crocheting, weaving or sewing.  It also allows me to be more creative and use different mediums. I like the process of problem solving and thinking things through along the way.

In the end, though, it comes down to the sound and feel of paper, especially heavier weight paper like card stock, being cut and manipulated.  I remember watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and he’d often do a small crafty project or teach you how to make something.  Whenever he folded and cut construction paper I always wanted to do it too.

After much badgering (sorry, ppl!), I’m finally posting some of the ones I’ve made.

Journal for Dadfather'sbook


Journal for Mommother'sbook


Planner for Sandi – For each month I made a title page, a calendar of the month, a pocket folder, and weekly scheduling.  Here are photos of the cover and few of the title pages.sandi's book


Travel Journals for Elizabeth – I made 7 little booklets and put them in a box. They each have pages for basic itinerary information, scheduling, and journal pages. The booklets range from 7 to 18 day trips.E's travel journals

I have a couple more book projects in mind, but I’m taking a break for now.   I need to get going; I’m backlogged on all my knitting!