Top 10 reasons why I have the best brother in law in the world.
in no particular order…

1. He is fun… and funny. My sister is always laughing. You can tell she really enjoys being married to him, albeit they’re still in the honeymoon phase but you get the drift.  I think I can speak for others in my family when I say he brings a lot of joy to our lives.

2. My parents love him.  They may have a language barrier at times, but it’s evident that he has a solid stamp of approval from the in-laws.

3. He is tall and strong.  Forget women’s lib and all that.  Need a heavy object moved?  Need to change out a lightbulb on the ceiling?  He is always happy to help out.

4. This sort of goes along with #3 – He can carry me up the four flight of stairs should I take a spill, or randomly become extremely short of breath while climbing up.  Can you imagining my mother dragging me up the stairs as dead weight? Ha!

5. He speaks Korean!  Well, he speaks phrases and words.  I think he has a natural talent.  He’s picked up Korean quickly and actually uses them in correct context without completely botching up the pronunciation.

6. He kills bugs for the insect-induced-hysterical Yoo sisters.

7. He is kind.  I know a lot of people who’ll roll their eyes when kind or nice is listed as one of their character traits, but this can not be understated.  It’s hard to come across someone with an inherently kind spirit.

8. He loves food.  And loves to eat.  And loves trying out new restaurants.  I don’t think my sister could have married someone who didn’t like to eat.  If you know her at all, you know that she is all about the food.  A picky-non-eater would not a husband make.

9.  He has the same political views and underlying ethics as my sister.  Trust her to find the one guy in the inland empire who actually cares enough about the environment to compost, and also has the same sense of social justice.  I think both of them growing up with immigrant parents (who relied on help from their English fluent children) played a large part.

10. He loves a bargain.  My sister is the queen of discounts and sales.  Full-price is not in her vocabulary.  The two of them put together is actually pretty funny to watch.  Here’s an example.  They wanted to buy a red onion.  At Safeway it was $1.99 a pound.  On principle they did not purchase said onion.  Found a market that sold it for $0.79 a pound and bought it there.  Later on they came across a market that sold it for $0.59 a pound and looked at that red onion with true regret.

Happy Birthday Fidel!

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