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I started going to Seton hospital’s pulomonary-cardiac rehab center at the end of July.  I’m to go twice a week for 6-8 weeks, and each session is 2.5 hours. The first hour we have ‘class’ and learn/talk about different topics.  The second hour is cardio and the last half hour is chair exercises for the upper and lower body using weights.

So far I haven’t really learned anything new from the classes.  Sadly, I think as the only post transplant person in my group, I’ve experienced a lot more.  Most people have copd/emphysema/bronchitis and there is one pre-lung waiting for a transplant.

We’ve had discussions on breathing techniques, lung infections, occupational therapy/life skills, traveling with oxygen/oxygen concentrator, and the different support systems in our lives.  The last time a guy came to give a talk about mucus.  Again, I’m sad to say that I’ve used every apparatus and strategy he talked about.  Though it all seems to be old-hat, it’s been interesting listening to the other people in the group.

In order to be more mobile, I tried looking into getting a portable oxygen concentrator but my insurance won’t cover it.  I looked to see if I could purchase one and found the most inexpensive one for about 2 grand.  Well, after I had the oxygen class I have learned that the one I would need is more like 5 grand.

I’m happy to report that my cardio has been improving leaps and bounds.  There is a recumbent cross trainer by NuStep that has been very beneficial. It’s like doing the Precor sitting down. Brilliant. The first day I did 5 minutes with breaks, and now I’ve worked up to 15 minutes without stoping. It would be so great to have one at home, but it’s also way out of my price range as it costs 5 grand.  Sigh.

From the cardio I’ve done, I’ve discovered that the recumbent bike is the hardest for me.  My muscles get tired before I have to stop from being short of breath.  That hasn’t happened in quite some time.  I started on the treadmill and have worked up to 2 minutes with a break in the middle. It seems piddly, but 2 minutes feels like 2 miles.

Some more health related news – I’ve been sleeping in my bed every night for the past few weeks.  I’d forgotten how much I love my bed.  I’ve been getting a good night’s sleep, but the first 15 minutes or so after being upright is pure torture.  I feel awful. I imagine my innards shifting and my lungs adjusting while my body’s waking up.  Yuck.  I keep telling myself that not having to sleep in the chair, struggling to find a comfortable position, is worth it.

… Not really related to my health, but whenever I say I’m going to rehab the song Rehab by Amy Winehouse pops into my head.
“They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no no…..”

I also went to the eye doctor recently and have confirmed that I need reading glasses.  I’m only using 1.0 and 1.25 magnification, but still!  I have cataract in both eyes (the right eye got a tiny bit worse), my vitreous is detached, and now I need reading glasses.  My eyes are OLD.

My last bit of health news – My crown that was on the top 2nd tooth from the middle broke off!  I look like a little kid.  It’s not really surprising as it’s over 10 years old.  I was told that I would need to replace it soon.  Apparently my dentist wasn’t exaggerating.