About a month ago, Susan decided she wanted to make 1000 paper cranes. She stocked up on origami paper, watched a YouTube video, and was hooked. For the past few weeks, she has been folding cranes of various sizes and colors, sometimes only a few at a time, sometimes dozens at a time. Our mom collected them in a big gift bag, and as of last week, she had a nearly full bag. We didn’t know how many she had made; Susan had not kept count – probably because she knew she had a long way to go before hitting 1000.  Turns out her count was 238.

As we are preparing for her memorial service, we decided to use her paper cranes to decorate and bring color and cheer to the chapel.  Karen flew in for the weekend, and came up with a great system for stringing the cranes; she strung all 238 of Susan’s cranes on Friday.  On Saturday, Julie and Gina drove up from So Cal for the weekend, and Elizabeth came over for the day.  We had lunch, then sat at the kitchen table and folded cranes using Susan’s stacks of paper for approximately 8 hours.  The folding was peppered with a movie and lots of Susan’s snacks.

Here are some pictures:

cranes table

Cranes on the table


cranes in bag

Cranes in the bag

cranes tv

Notice all of Susan’s other origami projects in front of the tv – can you spot the little owl?

gourmet meal

The most “gourmet” of our snacks: Trader Joe’s Multigrain crackers, cut up slices of provolone cheese, and wine.


Susan would be so proud of us for sitting, crafting, and eating her snacks.