On August 25th, Susan sent the following email:

Hi everyone,
As you may know, in a few weeks it will be 5 years since first transplant. I would like to make a memory blanket with fabric from people who are related to me, have lived with me, supported me when all medical hell broke loose, and anyone who helped me get to year 5 with a positive attitude.
Request #1: I would love it if you would give/send me a piece of fabric to be a part of the blanket.  It can be from clothes that doesn’t fit anymore, clothes your kids have grown out of, or a piece of fabric you buy at the store in a color or print that you like best.  Any piece of fabric that you like from any source will do. 
Request #2:  Any specific memory from when I was inpatient at UC (e.g. DENSE) or from when we grew up/lived/worked together. Please email me and I will write them on a piece of fabric for the blanket.   

The details:
Each piece of fabric should be a minimum of 4″ square.
You can submit as many pieces or memories as you would like.
If you live far away, please mail me the fabric.  
I would like to have all the pieces by Halloween; The sooner the better.

If you come across someone I forgot to include in this email (sorry!) feel free to pass it on.  

Thank you !!!

She suspected most people were procrastinating on this (especially on the second part), which she understood, being a procrastinator herself (in college, she once wrote an entire 19 page paper the night before it was due).  She did receive fabric from several people, and a few memories were emailed back to her.

At the memorial service, we will have fabric pens and squares of fabric for you to write your “favorite Susan memories.” Most of the fabric will be from Susan’s pajamas (she loved herself some comfy, soft, and cute PJs).


PJ pieces for the quilt

After the service, we will take the fabric pieces, and mom will sew a quilt.  You can use more than one square of fabric if your memory is on the longer side.

If you are unable to attend the service, you can write your memory as a comment to this blog post, and we will include it in the quilt.

We will also have time during the service for you to come up and share your Susan memory with the group.  We know Susan created loads of special, funny, and touching memories, and we hope everyone will participate.

Hope to see you all on Sunday.