On April 26th, 2014, we will be participating in the Donate Life 5K for the 5th consecutive year.  This year, our team name has changed from “It’s What’s Inside of YOO that Counts” to team “We Love YOO Susan.”

If you want to walk/run with us in Fullerton, CA on April 26, you can sign up to join our team at this website.   You can also help us meet our fundraising goal by making a donation.  Thank you to everyone who has already helped us raise money to promote organ donation.

I seriously considered not participating in this year’s walk (and will still reserve the right to make that choice as a “game time” decision), but I am motivated to follow through with the event (if by nothing else) by the exasperated reaction I imagine Susan would have over my indecision.

A few months before her passing, Susan mentioned to me that she would like to design this year’s team t-shirt.  To honor her plan, as well as her skill with all things hand-made, we are using one of her drawings on our new team shirt:

Donate Life 5k_2014 (1)

Susan drew this picture and had it made into a stamp by an artist she found on Etsy.  Our cousin Jason put the shirt together, and Cindy is organizing the shirt orders.  The shirts will be American Apparel, dark grey/black with white print.  If you want to order a shirt, please email Cindy at cindyxlin@gmail.com with your gender and size as soon as possible.

If you are able to attend the walk this year, stop by the Circle of Life Garden to see Susan’s sign.  When I emailed the event’s director to update my address and inform her of Susan’s passing, she kindly offered a complimentary sign to honor Susan.  The sign will have her picture as well as one of Susan’s favorite quotes that captures so much of her spirit – “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”