Last Wednesday was exactly 6 months since Susan’s passing. Fidel and I spent it taking a day trip to Point Reyes.  When I think back to the one month mark, when I couldn’t get out of bed, I suppose I’m making “progress.”  I use quotes because I don’t like that term; it implies that grief is linear and nothing about the past six months has been linear, other than the passing of days on the calendar.  “Progress” also implies that things should be getting “easier” another term I feel uncomfortable with – “easier” suggests that somehow, sometime, it can or will be “easy” which, to me, is absolutely absurd, and just plain wrong.  6 months of bereavement therapy has helped me find a few terms that I feel more comfortable using.  One is the term “softening”; at times, the grief feels softer than before.  The 6 month mark was softer than the 1 month mark.  Our day trip to Point Reyes was a nod to Susan’s love of the Bay Area, and in that way, brought me a dose of peace.

I wasn’t planning on taking photos, but was inspired to write a blog post about our trip because of this picture:


Good advice!

As soon as I saw it, I pictured Susan whipping out her iPhone to snap a picture to put onto her blog.  So here are a few photos from our day:

Peets getting sandy at Limantour Beach.

Peets getting sandy at Limantour Beach

Peets doesn't like sand

Peets likes the beach, but hates the sand-in-his-fur part.


One of the Bay Area’s famous cheese-eries.


Big vat of “Red Hawk” cheese being made…

Big vat turns into rounds of delicious-ness.

Big vat turns into rounds of delicious-ness…

Which becomes our lunch.

which becomes our lunch.


and lunch part 2.








Elephant seals along the shore