My time as a guest writer on Susan’s blog has come to an end… this will be my last post. I will keep her blog online for now, but feel that my guest authorship has run its course.
Some noteworthy events of the recent past:
1. We ran into Dr. Golden (UCSF pulmonologist who oversaw Susan’s care from the very beginning) at San Tung (local Chinese restaurant famous for their chicken wings). It was great to see him, to thank him for all he and his team did for Susan, and to hear him say that Susan was amazing.
2. Our cousin Eugene visited last week. It was great to spend time with him. We tried our best to give him the “Susan Yoo Tour of San Francisco.”
3. Fidel’s summer vacation is coming to an end this week.  This will be my first August in 12 years not starting a school year as a teacher…  it feels 100% refreshing, though I’m feeling the pressure to find a new full time job.  I’m back in the thick of job searching.

Thanks, readers, for keeping Susan in your hearts.